Friday, 9 March 2018

Problem Solving


How many different ways can you write...?
600+70+9 =679

6 ones and 7 10 and 100 9= 679


Friday, 2 March 2018

meet me week four

welcome back for 2018 the last few weeks we have been doing lots of cool things like numeracy bingo and all kinds of things and its fun to work with friends on the first week we done alote this term i hope we have a very great term and year
Topic Sentence: The nikau palm is a native tree to new zealand.

Support #1:

A Nikau palm can grow upto 10 to 15 meters

Support #3:
The nikau palm is the southernmost member of the palm family. There are over 1100 palm species
Around the world.

 Concluding sentence:

New zealand
                                        we have been learning about nikau palm and we have been learning that it is a
                                         native tree to new zealand and it has a very long trunk it is long green and
                                          brown it has spiky leaves and the seeds fool on the ground

Friday, 10 November 2017

week 4 term 4 2017 blog post

welcome to my blog post this week we are reading a book called wonder and we love this book so much and it is about a boy named August and he has a sister named via and she loves her brother so much and people are mean to him. we are learning about fossils and me and angel made a fossil out  plaster and water and you pot the toys in the plaster. its close to the end of the year and its sad because i love being in my teachers class.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Week two team four

Welcome to week two team four this week we are reading a book called wonder it is about a boy named August and he has had lots of surgery and he thinks he does not look good he has one eye and he has long hair that covers his face so no one can see his face because he looks different than  everyone alse and there is a boy named julian. He is rood because he says mean things about August after school his mum said how was school and he said good bad it was not good but school is inportint  and he has to go so he can learn  so i can get a job and so im smart. thanks for leasing to my blog post...

Friday, 1 September 2017

week 6 term 3 blog post

this week mamaku 3 are working really hard and today is friday and this afternoon is team time . we are reading a book ghost and we like it so much. we have done lot's of Art lately thanks for reading my blog post

Friday, 4 August 2017

blog post week 2 term 3 2017

welcome to week 2 this week we have been doing reading in the morning and its been a crazy week for us because having different teacher all week well  monday tuesday thursday mostly and we have been reading a book called ghost I told you last week thanks for reading my blog